Ordering Prints

Ordering: For individual prints or group sales, contact A. KAYE Photo at (972) 664-1831 or by fax (972) 664-1821. You can also email your order to akayephoto@aol.com. Each piece is professionally printed to ensure consistency and the highest possible quality. For the convenience of our customers, all of A. KAYE’s work is offered in standard-size prints.

Color Warning: When viewing the various thumbnail images, please keep in mind that color can be impacted by various sources including your monitor settings, web browser, and service bureau. If exact color is of importance to your project, please feel free to contact us for more information about any piece featured on this site.

Framing: While all prints are unframed, print sizes are standardized to allow for easy and affordable framing. The artist recommends professional framing, since a professional provides expert advice on both the color and style of matting (non-acid protects photo images) and frame to best display your artwork. On certain prints, specific instructions regarding mat color and frame preference will be provide by A. KAYE.

Shipping: A. KAYE Photo is committed to customer satisfaction. To protect against damage while in transit, prints are gently rolled and shipped in sturdy art tubes. The cost for shipping and handling will be included in the price of the print.

Photographs: All photographs are originals and created by A. KAYE. They are produced in standardized formats to allow for easy and affordable framing. They are processed by hand on quality acid free kodak paper.

Posterized art: Digitizing and posterizing involves the use of computer technology. After scanning and converting a photograph into a computer file, A. KAYE uses filters and Adobe Photoshop techniques to design strong images with high contrast colors. The image is then output as a photographic print or a Giclée from an IRIS ink-jet printer.

Giclée: Giclée (pronounced gee-clay') is French for "sprayed ink." Typically produced on an IRIS ink-jet printer, this sophisticated printmaking process produces millions of colors using contiuous-tone technology. The extra-fine image resolution permits the retention of a high degree of detail rendering deep saturation of colors with a broad range of tonal values which captures the integrity of the original image. The result is a high quality permanent reproduction of a photograph or painting.

Giclées are printed on either fine fabric or archival quality white paper using bio-degradable water soluable inks. Upon a final inspection of the print, a thin, transparent coating is applied for maximum permanence.