A. KAYE is one of a few gifted artists talented enough to earn a living doing what they love most. He successfully employs his phenomenal talent to create works of art from such varied fields as sports, portraiture, wildlife, and nature photography. Photography and art are the means to express and capture his passion for life.

Given a choice, A. KAYE would rather have been a professional baseball player. However, realizing early on that "a slow white boy who can't move to his left" didn't hold much hope of a stellar career, A. KAYE satisfied his love of sports by collecting baseball cards and clipping images of his favorite players from many sports magazines. By the age of ten, he was sneaking up behind the professional photographers in Wrigley Field snapping pictures of his heroes with his own Brownie Star Flash.

Since ballparks do close, A. KAYE and his friends could often be found roaming the halls of the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. A. KAYE's mother, who recognized a prodigious artistic talent in her son's early sketches, was thrilled. She already had him graduating college with a degree in art, and proceeding to become a famous advertising artist on Madison Avenue. A. KAYE's mother was partly right. He did graduate from college and he did get an art degree. Unfortunately, her dreams of Madison Avenue were not to be realized.

All those years poring over action shots of his heroes could not be denied. While continuing his sports photography, A. KAYE realized the hours he had spent studying the works of the great sports photographers had impacted more than his eyesight. His eye now naturally followed the action, framing the shot to capture the energy and the excitement. His hobby became a profession, leading to a career as a sports photographer with a varied collection of clients including the NFL, NBA, and at one time or another most of the major sports card companies and magazines. He also works with several galleries and interior designers. During the last 15 years he has been employed by many concert venues, most recently Starplex/Smirnoff Music Center Dallas, Texas.

While skipping across the country capturing moments of sports history, A.KAYE continued to expand his repertoire. He sharpened his portrait work with both in-studio and location shoots. His seemingly boundless energy and love of adventure made him a natural for wildlife photography, while he reveled in travel that allowed him to hone his scenic photography skills.

Continuing his tradition of constantly expanding his horizons, A. KAYE now makes the leap to the World Wide Web. On these pages are samplings of his talent in all the various areas which continue to fascinate him, many of which are available for purchase. Those desiring his skills, whether for personal portraiture or commercial usage, may arrange a commissioned sitting or book an assignment.

A. KAYE may be contacted by phone or regular mail or at his website, all of which are listed below.

Contact A. KAYE at:
Phone: (972) 664-1831

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